In his book, The Air I Breathe, (Multnomah, 2003) Louie Giglio discusses the worship that occurs in a church service and worship as a lifestyle. He explains why both are important. Sometimes the word, worship can be confusing since we use it to mean slightly different things. Giglio explains worship in a church service is mostly about our words while worship as a lifestyle is about our actions. It is crucial that our words and our actions concur. No point telling God how important He is to us if our lives don’t show it. Giglio also points out everyone worships something or someone. Whatever we give our time, our money, our energy to is what we value and therefore what we worship. In concluding Giglio gives suggestions for drawing closer to God by focusing on his attributes, not just for fifteen minutes a day but as an on going attitude throughout each day. At the end of the book he includes questions that can be used in group discussion.

While this is only a short book, 120 pages, I found his thoughts on this subject very helpful to understanding more about worship.