The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus is a theological study of the book of Acts. The subtitle is Luke’s account of God’s unfolding purpose . I was drawn to this book because Thompson discusses the kingdom in terms of the ‘the now’ and the ‘not yet’. This is a concept I find very useful in understanding the Bible and God’s purposes.

Thompson’s aim is to give a framework for studying the book of Acts. He wants to highlight the various themes and show how these themes develop in the overall book. It is not a commentary on individual passages.

Thompson has divided his book into the following sections:
Living ‘between the times’: the kingdom of God
The hope of Israel: the resurrection and the arrival of the last days
Israel and the Gentiles: the kingdom and God’s promises of restoration
The promise of the father: the gift of the Holy Spirit
The end of an era: the temple system and its leaders
The end of an era: the law is no longer the direct authority for God’s people

I find this a very helpful book and not overly academic. Thompson clearly shows how Luke has deliberately arranged his material to show that God purposes are being fulfilled. The Old Testament era has ended and a new covenant has begun. Jesus’ resurrection is a clear indication that God’s kingdom has arrived but not yet in all its fullness.

An instructive read.