Swords of the Six (Flaming Pen, 2009) is Scott Appleton’s debut novel, a prelude to a promising series, called, The Sword of the Dragon. In this book we are introduced to an intelligently crafted and highly imaginative world of dragons, fairies, sea serpents and other amazing creatures. Appleton is able to create tension and intrigue thereby drawing the reader into this fantasy world. There are also many beautiful scenes and Appleton’s skill as a writer is obvious as he weaves his tale of loyalty and treachery.

The story centers on the great white dragon’s six daughters who are dragons, yet appear in human form. Having dragon blood gives them magical powers of healing and mind communication, which the daughters are barely aware of until their father sends them on various missions. During these assignments circumstances conspire which require the girls to work together and use the gifts which are part of their dragon heritage. There is much conflict in terms of sword fights as well as emotional trauma as the powers of evil seek to overthrow the power of love, justice and mercy. The story ends with a platform built for future adventures into the elaborate world of the great white dragon, mystical beings, and magical swords.

For those who love to spend time in another world, this is a great way to do it.