Spoken from the heart by Selwyn Hughes (CWR, 2005) is a collection of twelve sermons preached by Hughes during his extensive traveling ministry. These have been produced almost unchanged from the way they were preached.

Unlike other collections of sermons they have not been grouped together around a common theme but rather seem to have been compiled to deliberately include a wide variety of topics. These topics cover such things as evangelism, revival, heaven, Jesus’ ministry and the love and compassion of God. Each chapter is complete in itself so can be read in random order. The sermons are straightforward and easy to read. Mostly they are structured around the idea of a sermon having three main points.

Also included is a CD of one of his sermons, “He’s just a carpenter”, which is also in the book. The CD is a good strategy because as you listen to the sermon you are getting accustom to Hughes’ voice. It then becomes easy to imagine that you are listening to a sermon when you read the others. This is important because of the fact the sermons have been left the way they were preached which is different to how an essay would be structured.

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