So beautiful : our journey complied by Jeff Hulls, is a collection of devotional thoughts, personal letters and photographs of the life of Lauris Hulls. She was the wife of Jeff Hulls, a former pastor in the town where we use to live. Lauris suffered a series of strokes over four years that eventually lead to her death last year. The book is a memorial to her life. Lauris was a loving wife and mother who also worked as a nurse so she had spent much of her life caring for others. While it is a sad story, it is also deeply moving and reminds us of the importance of relationships.

Early in the book Jeff touches on a very important theme that spiritually our lives are more about the fact that we are people of value in God’s sight before anything we may or may not do. First and foremost we are human beings not human doings. While this message gets somewhat lost in the flood of memories it is an important truth woven into the message of the book.

While this publication is self-published, it is an attractive and high quality product. It can be purchased from this web site.

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