Scattered is a historical novel mostly set in Nova-Scotia in 1882. Maggie’s parents both died from illnesses in England and she was separated from her younger brother and sister while she was working In Europe as a governess. Her orphaned siblings were sent to Canada without her knowledge as part of the Home Children Migrant Scheme to work on Canadian farms.

Maggie’s mission to find her brother and sister doesn’t begin well when the ship she travels on is caught in a wild storm and she is shipwrecked on Sable Island. Maggie eventually makes it to Halifax but encounters many obstacles including an over-attentive factory owner and an inquisitive newspaper reporter who turns out to be more valuable than he first appears.

This is an enjoyable story with many twists and turns as Maggie investigates the disappearance of her brother and sister. There is adventure, mystery and romance as Maggie is sometimes so close to locating them but at other times seems unlikely to ever see them again.

Nola Lorraine has crafted a well-written and well-researched story which moves at a good pace. It’s interesting to read about this period of history and appreciate the difficulties that many faced.

Overall a great read.

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