New Christians are often told to read the Bible, pray and fellowship with other Christians to grow in their relationship with God. Often it’s implied that these are the only valid ways to encourage spiritual growth. Sacred Pathways seeks to offer nine other ways to connect with God. Through research and personal experience, Gary Thomas explores ways people have communed with God through the Bible and history. He defines these ways by describing the personality of the person who is attracted to each one and adds a summary phrase:

  • Naturalist – let me be outside
  • Sensate – let me experience
  • Traditionist – let me remember
  • Ascetic – let me be alone
  • Activist – let me conquer (or let me have justice)
  • Caregiver – let me care (or let me serve)
  • Enthusiastic – let me celebrate
  • Contemplative – let me feel
  • Intellectual – let me think

Thomas points out that Jesus, being a well-balanced person, engages in all these ways. However, most people tend to gravitate to a couple of these pathways. Thomas encourages readers to not only spend time using their favourite pathways but also to experiment with some of the other ways, that they may be less comfortable with.

Sacred Pathways is practical, easy to read, and includes relatable illustrations.

Overall, the book is a useful guide to enriching your spiritual life.

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