Running on the roof of the world by Jess Butterworth is the story of Tash and Sam’s journey across the Himalayas to India. The book begins in Tibet with the two children running home from school. Running was against the many rules imposed by the occupying Chinese troops. While the story has a historical setting, the exact date and location are unclear.

The growing unrest caused by the occupying troops, leads to Tash and Sam to flee their hometown when Tash’s parents are arrested, and so begins their long journey over the mountains. The journey throws up many dangers and challenges. There are the natural dangers of exposure, frostbite and wild animals, plus the menace of the Chinese military. Tash and Sam are accompanied by two yaks, which provide them with support in carrying their supplies, as well as some comfort. The children are carrying a coded message which they hope to pass on once they arrive in India.

I liked the way the book was written with many short chapters. There were double page spreads with one word chapter titles. This meant every time you finished a chapter you skipped two pages. It created the impression that you were reading very quickly and the story moved at a good pace. The relationships in the book were dealt with honesty. Two children placed in such difficult circumstances were bound to have some issues.

Overall, it is a well-told, exciting adventure.

Thanks to Christian School Suppliers for providing a free book for review.