Rooms is a fascinating story with lots of psychological twists and turns. Micah Taylor receives a letter telling him he has inherited a beach house from a distant relative. When Micah visits the house, a series of events are set in motion that seriously threatens to upset his successful, wealthy life as the president of a software company.

Micah enjoys spending time at his beach house despite the strange things that happen while he is there. He makes new friends and grows spiritually through his interaction with them but it becomes increasingly difficult for him to maintain his business and spend time in his new home. Ultimately, he has to choose which life he really wants.

The book is quite long but moves at a good pace with plenty of intrigue to keep the pages turning. James Rubart writes with great insight into the spiritual battles most of us face and the difficult choices we have to make. Rubart doesn’t sugar-coat the enormity of what God asks of us but seeks to show the freedom we can have by following the dreams that God has placed in our hearts.

Overall, a surprising exploration of spiritual growth and freedom.

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