Rising Strong is about recovering from disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement. The material looks at why some people are resilient and bounce back from huge difficulties while others struggle with minor setbacks.

Brene mentions subjects she has discussed at greater lengths in her other books such as vulnerability, shame and belonging. This book builds on her findings but looks at what happens after we have been vulnerable or ‘dared bravely’ but haven’t been rewarded with the results we expected. She begins the book with a story of being vulnerable with her husband and how it didn’t elicit the response she expected. Nevertheless, it turned into a key learning experience in their relationship.

I enjoy Brene’s books because of her honesty with her struggles, the insightful antidotes she shares and her compassion and empathy for people’s problems.

As I’ve said previously about Brene Brown’s books: Brown comes to her topic with the skills of a researcher, but the heart of someone who wants to enrich the lives of others by sharing her observations. Brown is a Christian but writes from the perspective of her research, rather than her faith, so her books are a combination of research and anecdotal evidence. At times this is quite in-depth but is broken up with illustrations and the personal conversations she has had with the participants in her studies.

Overall, an insightful read.

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