Return to Cricket Springs begins with Sawyer’s mother’s funeral where Sawyer is reunited with Cash Langston who she hasn’t seen since she broke up with him ten years earlier. Cash left Cricket Springs immediately after the breakup. He embarked on a career as a freelance travel writer and although he has had a couple of relationships, is still single. Sawyer ended the relationship with Cash without telling him why, which added to the pain of his heartache. Sawyer has a small group of supportive friends and her latest boyfriend is, Zack. She took over running her mother’s flower shop a couple of years ago.

As soon as Cash and Sawyer meet, it rekindles their feelings for each other, but there’s no point Cash trying to restore the relationship when Sawyer is still keeping her reasons for breaking up a secret. Meanwhile, Sawyer’s relationship with Zach is struggling. After much soul-searching, Sawyer decides to tell Cash her reasons before he leaves her life, potentially forever.

Lee Warren does a good job of keeping the sense of mystery surrounding Sawyer’s secret. He swaps point of view from Cash to Sawyer throughout the book without confusing the reader and this creates a fuller story. Return to Cricket Springs is a thoroughly Christian novel with many Christian characters but doesn’t give cliché answers to tough theological questions.

When Sawyer does reveal her secret, which I won’t tell, she exposes a common problem of people who believe the lie that they’re not “enough.”

Overall, an entertaining read.

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