Gil Cann raises some very good points in his book, Red Alert, but unfortunately, his solutions are beyond the reach of most churchgoers. The average church attendee wouldn’t have the necessary influence to make the sort of changes Gil suggests, even if they were a church leader. Gil points out the many flaws in our church structure and practices and explains how much of this has come from tradition rather than from a biblical understanding of Scripture.

I found his book depressing because I understood the discrepancy between what we do in churches and biblical principles, but I feel powerless to bring about the necessary changes. What Gil is suggesting requires major changes which won’t be achieved by one person or one book. The book is over-ambitious in its attempts to bring about change. I feel a better approach would have been to suggest smaller changes that could have been implemented over a period of time. These smaller changes could begin the gradual process of changing the thinking of regular attendees.

I was thankful for Gil’s last chapter on An Attitude of Gratitude which was uplifting and encouraging after the heavy going of many of the previous chapters.

Overall a thought-provoking read.