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In Rebecca’s Dream, Carol Preston not only provides us with a good story but also a fascinating insight into the difficulties of life on the land between 1870 and 1890, plus a brief look at life in Sydney during this time. This is a well researched story with historical tit bits enriching the story

Mostly life was hard at this time in Australia’s history as people contended with drought, fire, hot summers and cold winters with none of the modern conveniences. For women there was the added burden of giving birth to lots of children, many of whom were taken by various illnesses in their infancy.

Rebecca’s Dream tells the story of one woman who was determined to have a different future to the one her friends and family expected and wanted for her. Her passion for women to have more choices in their lives caused much tension in her family and community. Rebecca’s plans were fraught with more obstacles than seem possible for one person to have to endue.

Carol cleverly weaves lots of interesting themes into the story which are not altogether obvious such as the value of counselling and how forgiveness enables a person to move on with their life rather than being tied to their past.

Overall an absorbing and informative read.

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