In Quantum of Tweed, the author Conn Iggulden uses convenience and coincidence as effective tools to create an amusing story of Albert Rossi’s brief career as an assassin. This wasn’t a planned career move, though Albert was quite bored with his job as a gentlemen’s outfitter, and it wasn’t paying the bills. His overdraft was growing larger every year and the bank was becoming less patient. So the attraction of a quick payday and getting the bank off his case was very enticing.

Albert’s first job was completely accidental. He was driving home from work one Monday afternoon when he hit a pedestrian who ran out in front of him. He died instantly. Albert expected the police to come knocking but instead, he receives a phone call offering him another job and so begins his new career.

The book is part of the Quick Reads series and is a cleverly written, tongue-in-cheek story about a man who had never done a great deal in his life, who is suddenly plunged into the dark, but exciting, world of crime. His naivety and unpreparedness for such a career move adds to the humour.

Overall a fun story about working as an assassin!

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