Ann Spangler has taken 26 names/titles of God to compile, Praying the names of God : a daily guide (Thornpike Press, 2005). The idea is to focus on one name per week. This means, of course, it takes 26 weeks to read the whole book. (Unfortunately as I borrowed the book from my local library this was not possible so I satisfied myself with one name per day.) Each chapter is devoted to a name and divided into daily segments. Monday provides material to understand the name, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday provide additional readings and prayers and Friday connects God’s promises with the name. There are also further Bible readings for the weekend.

This book is not just a gold mine of devotional thoughts but a wealth of insight into the names and meanings of God’s names and titles. Spangler has done much research into the context and history of each name and so her book is educational as well as inspirational. She has also included stories and testimonies that have enhanced the material.

I enjoyed Praying the Names of God and read most of it in the three weeks the library allowed. However, I suspect I would not have had the patience to read it over a 26 week period as suggested.

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