Pilgrimage with the subtitle, My journey to a deeper faith in the land where Jesus walked, is an autobiographic account of Lynn Austin’s trip to Israel. It provides an interesting look at many of the historical sites in this country with Lynn’s personal and Biblical comments.

While this was an interesting read, I’d have to say I prefer Lynn’s fictional writing. I kept getting the feeling throughout the book that Lynn was keeping something from me. Lynn admits to being an introvert and I suspect she is essentially a private person so I imagine writing the book was particularly challenging for her, though she does not express this.

Early in the book she comments that her three adult children left home within a five month period and she struggled to cope with the change that this brought. Then at regular intervals she mentions her difficulties with the changes that were happening in her life, but I was never sure if she meant her children leaving home or something else. This issue does resolve a little towards the end when she is a little clearer about the effect her children leaving home has had on her but even so, this was not entirely satisfying.

However in spite of this it was a pleasant read and very informative. I am doing a study tour of Israel later this year so the book was helpful in this regard. I also liked the way Lynn included the Biblical accounts and insights which connected to the topography of the area she was visiting.