Piece by piece : unlocking the puzzle for an effective ministry to today’s children is an excellent resource for people working in children’s ministry. By using the illustration of a jigsaw puzzle Tammy Tolman is able to explain the different aspects of children’s ministry in a comprehensive way. The corner piece is, of course, Jesus and our relationship with him. The edges represent leadership, community, team building and discipleship. While the connecting pieces represent the process of engaging, experiencing, educating and building relationships with the children.

Tammy’s passion for children’s ministry comes through loud and strong. She champions the cause of children being allowed to participate in ministry and experience God in the process.

Tammy’s experience is in large churches where her focus has been entirely on children’s ministry. At times I found this approach hard to relate to as I come from a small church where people have many roles and responsibilities. Children’s ministry is often one role among many. However I appreciate Tammy’ knowledge and experience which she happily shares in this book.

Great resource for children’s ministry.