Paddy T. is a 12-year-old Australian boy, with a brother, two sisters, and a best friend called Marty. Paddy T. and the Time Travelling Trampoline is seven stories which are out-of-this-world adventures. The book is named after the first adventure. Others involve a friendly giant serpent, a magic pencil, a gigantic water slide, a newspaper delivery system on a bike, children turning into mannequins and turning trash into $5 notes. The stories begin believably and then a twist occurs which turns them wild and weird. It’s a fun book that primary school-aged boys will enjoy.

Paddy’s family is portrayed as unfashionable and being short of money. A couple of Paddy’s adventures are based on earning his own pocket money. Paddy’s parents appear slightly disinterested in his welfare and his teachers are unsympathetic. Many boys would relate to this, whether or not it’s a true picture of their own situation.

I found the seven adventures unique with unexpected twists. They relied heavily on fantasy and having a good imagination. Each adventure was a separate story in itself so they don’t need to be read in order.

Overall, it was a fun read.

Thanks to Christian School Supplier for providing a free book for review