Meredith Resce always writes a good story. This one is a Christian romance with an interfering mother, Luella Linley, and a daughter, Megan, with a sleazy boss. Luella is a historical romance author who decides the best way to deal with Megan’s sleazy boss is for Megan to get a boyfriend. Luella meets a nice young policeman, Cam, who she thinks is an ideal candidate for helping Megan deal with her boss. And if he and Megan happen to fall in love, so much the better! However, while the relationship has plenty of potential, not all goes according to Luella’s plan.

I like Meredith’s books because they always touch on larger issues than just romance. This one looks at sexual harassment in the workplace, stalking, anxiety and anger management. I also liked the inclusion of Luella’s current work in progress and how Meredith overlaps this story with the difficulties in Megan and Cam’s relationship.

This is the first of three books in the Luella Linley: License to Meddle series.

Overall, a great read.

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