On the edge by Theresa Santy is the story of Kristen Craemar, who lives a dysfunctional life. She had a traumatic childhood which continues to plague her adult life. She turns to therapy but doesn’t fully committed to the process, and finds alcohol an easier option to cope with the demands of her life and work commitments.

The book is written from the Kirsten’s point of view. However, I found her a little difficult to relate to, mostly because, and this is just a personal gripe, I found it hard to have empathy for someone with her level of irresponsibility. I know this stems from her deficient childhood, but even so, others have been dealt similar difficulties.

At times the story felt like a soap opera, moving from one drama to another, which was a little overwhelming. Ultimately there were reasons for many of these incidences, and a mystery did develop and resolve towards the end of the book.

Ethan was my favourite character, but only knowing him via Kristen, made it difficult to really understand his motives. For most of the story, he was the only Christian influence and he had a positive effect, even though he seemed quite young in his faith.

Overall, it was a well-written and action packed read.