Relationship issues tend to be more important to women than men and even more so to women like, Lisa Bevere. Lisa has written Nurture (Faith Words, 2008) from a heart felt desire to see women encouraged and built up in their faith, not just so they will feel better about themselves but in order that they will fulfill their God-ordained purpose. Lisa issues a challenge for women to reach out to other women whatever their circumstances.

I particularly enjoyed the middle chapters where Lisa speaks about the value of intuition and how God speaks to us through our intuition sometimes without our being aware of it. Lisa also uses the example of Naomi and Ruth as well as Elizabeth and Mary to bring out the value of being in relationship with other women. There are women who will act as mothers towards us and other women who need us to act as mothers. Lisa does a good job of explaining the difference between mothering and mentoring.

While I’m not as passionate about this topic as Lisa is, I see there is value in her point of view. I like the personal stories she tells which shows how God has spoken into her life. She shares many good insights.