Nobody hugs Rod Green is aimed at young adults and tells the story of Clare Bateman’s final two years at school. Through the story Jenny Glazebrook weaves in many issues that confront young people today such as peer pressure, bullying, family dynamics, relationships, drugs and the consummation of alcohol. Early in the story Clare commits to Christian faith and this adds another layer of complexity to her latter school years. Jenny handles these issues well and keeps the story moving at a good pace.

Reading this book made me realize how difficult it is being a young person in modern society with so many pressures and so many of them living in dysfunctional family situations, as well as how immature their decision making can be.

This book is thoroughly Christian but Jenny is realistic about Christian faith. Faith doesn’t offer simplistic answers or instantly solve problems. Rather it provides courage to persevere while working through difficulties because of the knowledge that something bigger and better is going on.

I wish I had read a book like this at Clare’s age because it would have made me feel less alone and given me hope during what is a difficult transitional stage of life.

I should let my readers know that Jenny is a friend of mine, however I have tried to be objective with my review.