No Ordinary View is the second in Naomi Reed’s series of books about her time as a missionary in Nepal. It overlaps slightly with her first book, My Seventh Monsoon and like her first book is autobiographical in nature.

It is set in Dhulikhel in the Himalayas and the views from their house are amazing but sometimes the most beautiful places in the world seem to be furthest from God spiritually. It is challenging to read of the poverty and the political uncertainty of Nepal and it makes you wonder how one family or many families can make a difference. Yet God would say, ‘Who dares despise the day of small things’ (Zechariah 4:10). Naomi and her husband Darren were able to leave Nepal knowing they had trained ten Nepalese to carry on their work and a replacement for Darren’s position arrived on their last day. So it is also an encouraging book and finishes with a sense of achievement that they had completed the task God had given them.

Naomi writes in an easy to read way which connects with the reader. She relates many of the lessons she learnt in trusting God during difficult times. It was heartening to read how God provided and worked through their circumstances, even though they weren’t able to help everyone in need. I was glad I knew they arrived safely back in Australia as I read, because there were several times when their lives were in danger and the tension was apparent.

Overall an entertaining read.