Nice girls don’t change the world is Lynne Hybels’ autobiographical account of changing from a people pleaser to a woman of faith and action. Lynne grew up believing in a demanding, unpleasable God, even though intellectually she knew God was a God of love and grace. However in her heart she felt she had to try hard to earn his love and atone for her misdeeds.

In her late thirties she became seriously depressed and no longer had the energy to work at pleasing God or anyone else. She saw a counsellor who helped her work through many issues. It was a long journey of self-discovery and renewal of her relationship with God to a more Biblically accurate understanding of God.

There was much in this book I relate to. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s women were only beginning to receive recognition in the work force. The expectation was still for women to be wives and mothers who supported their husbands and children with little regard for their own personal gifting and skills. It was hard to break the status quo and pursue interests in areas where women were not always welcome.

Lynne’s story is a great encouragement to older women who feel they have nothing to offer or are fearful of stepping out into something new. It is a well-written book, easy to read and quite moving.

A good read.