My Name Is Lucy Doherty is an enjoyable story for older primary school children. An author visits Lucy, and her best friend Lottie’s school, for Book Week. Lucy is impressed by the author and immediately decides to become a writer. The story is a biographical account of Lucy current life situation, as told by Lucy.

A few days later, a new family move into apartment block where Lucy and Lottie live, and they have a daughter named, Ruth. Lucy and Ruth become friends, but Lottie doesn’t want to share her friendship with Lucy and they have a falling out. Nevertheless, the three girls have some adventures together and separately. They ultimately discover more about what it means to be a friend. Ruth’s family attend church and they invites Lucy to various church activities where she enjoys learning about God.

Helen Santos has written an easy to read and down to earth story about friendship and faith. The Christian element is woven easily into the plot and doesn’t come across as forced or contrived.

Overall a good read.