During the summer holidays, Bonnie Montgomery and her grampa visit the local museum, the Hornville Museum of Natural History and Suchlike. The museum is full of bizarre-looking animals that the wealthy owner, the late Abelard Hornville, assembled from the remains of extinct animals that explorers sent him.

Whilst at the museum, the lights go out and a scream is heard. In the darkness, Bonnie retrieves a raincoat from her backpack, adjusts her beret and sticks on a false moustache. Suddenly Bonnie is transformed into the great detective, Montgomery Bonbon. Bonbon has solved many mysteries but no one suspects that he’s actually a 10-year-old girl.

Bonnie and her Grampa learn that Oliver Munday, a museum warden, is dead and a valuable carved stone eagle is missing. The door to the room where the murder took place has been locked from the inside. The only other access is a window that opens onto the museum roof.

Murder at the Museum is Alasdair Beckett-King’s first story in the Montgomery Bonbon series. He writes in a comedic style as he tells the implausible story of a 10-year-old solving a murder mystery. Claire Powell’s quirky illustrations add to the amusing nature of the story. Nevertheless, the murder plot is feasible and the clues logical.

Overall, an entertaining story.

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