Motive Games is written for young adults who play video/computer games and, although I don’t fit either of these criteria, I still enjoyed the book. I was unfamiliar with all the jargon, but I understood enough about computers to connect with the story. There is a glossary of these terms at the back of the book.

The story concerns Phil whose father was a computer game designer. He died in an apparent accident when he fell down a flight of stairs. Phil, however, believes he was pushed and seeks to discover who is responsible. It is an engaging story with all the usual twists and hidden clues that you would expect in a murder mystery.

Along the way we gain insights into the world of computer gaming and the big business that this high-tech industry provides. It also provides many possible motives for Phil’s father’s death. Phil takes huge risks to find the evidence he needs to convict his father’s killer and in the process learns and grows as a person.

L.D. Taylor is a Christian author and this subtle influence ensures the book promotes the value of completing schooling as well as encouraging gamers not to spend all their free time playing computer games.

Overall a great read.