Moral Insight is a thought provoking insight into human nature and political corruption. At a deeper level it subtly shows the hope that sustains Christians.

Steve Keller is a workaholic whose family have suffered his long hours and over commitment to his work as a Detective Sergeant with the Sexual Crime Investigation Unit. A fantasy element is introduced into the story line which allows Steve to have more insight in sexual crimes than is normally possible. When Steve realizes he is part of the problem rather than the bringer of justice, his investigations go to a whole new level.

This is a well written intriguing story with many twists and turns until Steve reaches a place of peace but not in the way one might expect. I found the ending realistic, but also hopeful because I grasped the Christian implications (otherwise it could have been rather depressing).

It’s a book that makes you think more deeply about society, its priorities and the drift away from Judeo-Christian ethics. It makes you realize how entrenched is the belief that making people happy is more important than other considerations. It makes you consider the implications of the choices governments make on behalf of its people.

Meredith Resce has written this book under the penname E. B. James to distinguish it from her other more romantic books. It is a much more gritty book than her previous ones and includes the occasional swear word to fit the context.

Overall a great read.