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Mirage by Jeanette Grant-Thomson is a fascinating read. Jeanette’s portrayal of life in a cult was convincing. The decisions characters made in joining the cult and their decisions to stay or leave all made sense in the light of their backgrounds. The story was engaging and easy to read. It had drama, tension and a touch of romance. I also enjoyed the spiritual aspects and liked the way Jeanette weave this into the storyline.

The cult Jeanette created was a particularly corrupt one but I’m sure they exist. Nevertheless all cults would have similarities with the one Jeanette describes. Cults often attract those from broken or dysfunctional home who are looking for a sense of belonging and security. Often the ‘converts’ are like Miriam who abdicate decision making and want someone to take on their responsibilities. I found Miriam’s struggles to leave the cult realistic and well depicted.

Most of the information I have previously read about cults has been in non-fiction biographies so I found it very interesting to have this subject explored in a fictional setting from multiple points of view. It shows the ripple effect on the families and friends of those involved.

There is a little ‘head hopping’ in the book but I didn’t find this too distracting.

Overall an enjoyable read.

Thanks to Jeanette for providing a free book for review.