Miracles and Other Reasonable Things by Sarah Bessey is a memoir covering the years following a serious car accident which changed Sarah’s body and her life. Initially, the accident didn’t appear to have done much damage and she was sent home from the hospital the same night. However, in the weeks and months following the accident, it became apparent that she had continuing medical issues. Often, she wouldn’t acknowledge the full extent of her pain to others. She continued with her busy schedule of writing and speaking as though the world couldn’t survive without her. Sarah eventually submitted to medical advice and discovered that her back and her hip were out of alignment.

Out of the blue, Sarah was invited to Rome by friends of friends, to participate in some ecumenical gatherings. She was reluctant to go, thinking she had little in common with this group. But much to her surprise, God used these people to minister healing to her body and her back and hip went back into alignment.

Sarah forged ahead with her writing and speaking schedule and again ignored her body which although was better, was still not right. Eventually, she returned to seek medical help and learnt she had fibromyalgia as a result of the trauma from the car accident.

The final chapters outline how she manages the complaint, how it has changed her life, how she grieved her losses and how she has found a deeper level of relationship with God.

Sarah likes to refer to God by feminine pronouns. However, I was encouraged to read that she understands God as a woman is a metaphor, like Jesus being bread, a gate etc. She is happy for people to use other metaphors.

The book is well written and an interesting insight into God’s healing ways. He gave Sarah a miracle of healing but not a complete one.

Overall the book is insightful, moving and hopeful.