Men at Work was a surprising book for me, probably because it comes from a very male perspective. Mike Gayle creates a story that examines a man’s connection with his job.

Gayle’s main character, Ian loves his job, though really it is the camaraderie he loves. Ian enjoys being with people and the relationships with the other staff which often continues after work. He even refuses a promotion because he doesn’t want to change the work relationships he currently experiences.

When his girlfriend, Emma loses her job and manages to pick up work in Ian’s office he is deeply disturbed. He doesn’t want Emma upsetting the status quo at work which, of course, she does.

Ian is desperate to not have Emma at this work place and goes to extraordinary lengths to convince her not to stay. Yet it is only when she leaves he realized that his love for Emma is greater than his job. Something he would never heave realized if she not accepted the job at his office.

An enlightening insight into a man’s world.