Love, tears and autism is a memoir of Cecily Paterson’s experiences of having her three-year-old son, Cameron, diagnosed with autism. Cecily is very honest about her disappointment and grief with the diagnosis, which took her some time to work through. She relates how her prejudice towards other disabled people made it difficult to process her worries for her son.

Cecily found a way forward by getting some therapy for her son, but it was a long slow process before she saw noticeable improvement. It also involved Cecily having to change her attitude towards parenting her autistic child, and ultimately her other children as well.

It was encouraging to read about Cameron’s progress, especially the additional chapter in the second edition, which allow us to have an up to date picture of his development. It was also encouraging to read that Celia doesn’t fear for Cameron’s future like she previously did.

Overall an honest and helpful memoir, with additional resources for those with an autistic child.