Love Does is a collection of real-life incidents in Bob Goff’s life. He tells these stories intending to encourage Christians to live a more spontaneous, Spirit-led lifestyle where they look for opportunities to act in loving ways towards others. While his stories are inspiring, I found many to be unique to Bob’s personality and status in life. Not everyone is free to take time away from the responsibilities of jobs or family commitments the way Bob does. Bob’s personality is outgoing, confident and lends itself more naturally towards spontaneity and risk-taking.

Nevertheless, some of his stories are less extreme and are good reminders to be more outwardly focused on the needs of others. These memoir-based accounts remind me that God uses people in a wide variety of ways and I can’t expect God to operate within my limitations. Bob’s stories are engaging and easy to read.

The most difficult part of this book to read was the introduction, written by Bob’s good friend Don Miller. Don thinks very highly of Bob and the way he lives out his faith, but his description of Bob’s Christian walk was intimidating and almost put me off reading the book! Yet from the first chapter, Bob’s approach was humble and down to earth.

Overall, all an encouraging read.