London Art Chase is book 1 in the Glimmer Girls series and focuses on Maddie Glimmer. Maddie has a twin sister, Mia and a younger sister Lulu. Her mother is the famous singer, Gloria Glimmer and the girls often travel with their mother to her concerts. They have a nanny, Miss Julia and the girls’ father sometimes accompanies them.

The family live in Nashville but travel to London to do some sightseeing before Gloria’s upcoming concert. They visit all the usual tourist spots including the National Gallery. Whilst there, Maddie witnesses what she believes is the theft of a painting. Maddie is normally reserved but becomes courageous in her determination to track down the thief.

Natalie Grant has created a fun, well-written story, but some family rituals seemed exaggerated and I wondered if this was the American influence. Also tracking down the thief seemed a bit convoluted for a children’s story. Nevertheless, there were some helpful truths regarding God and prayer. The book is intended for children 8-12 years old.

Overall an entertaining story.

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