Noni Potter draws on her counselling experiences in her book, Living your Best Life. She writes to encourage people to have a deeper relationship with God. The book begins with some basic truths around the character of God and his desire to connect with his people. Although this was information I knew, Noni brought a fresh perspective and I especially found the chapter on rewiring your brain helpful.

Noni also discusses the issues that have brought people to her counselling practice, such as difficult emotions – anger, depression, anxiety and fear, plus the importance of forgiveness. At this point, I felt the audience for the book would be people who would be helped by seeing a counsellor.

At times it felt like Noni believes that if you meditate for long enough you will receive specific direction or confirmation from God regarding your situation. I’m not so sure that’s always the case. Sometimes God makes us wait and expects us to continue to walk in faith even if we don’t sense his presence. This is particularly true as we grow spiritually.

Overall, good insights for people who may be struggling.

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