I have read many other books by Neil Anderson including, The Bondage Breaker, Freedom from Addiction, The Common made Holy but I thought I would conclude this little three part series on Anderson’s books by reviewing Living Free in Christ.

Living Free in Christ (Regal Books, 1993) is in many ways a summary of much of Neil Anderson’s teaching. The book is divided into three parts, our acceptance in Christ, our security in Christ and our significance in Christ. Each part has 12 short chapters which start with a Bible verse and conclude with a prayer. Anderson aims to give believers an accurate understanding of their standing before God. We are not born feeling good about ourselves and this leads to distorted thinking when we become Christians. Our Christian growth depends on replacing our old ways of thinking with Biblical ways of thinking. This can be a long slow process as we must first uncover the lies that we currently believe about ourselves and our world.

Anderson includes many stories about himself and others as he explains spiritual truths in an easy to understand manner. Of course, the difficulty comes as we try to apply these truths to our lives and meet with opposition from our long held faulty view of ourselves. Nevertheless, as Anderson often points out, it is as we renounce the lies and accept God’s truths that we find freedom.

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