I found, Living apocalypse : a Revelation reader and a guide for the perplexed by Gregory Laughery (Destinee S.A., 2008) to be a very helpful study of the book of Revelation. It is only short (200 pages) yet gives a good overview of the book, highlighting the major events and teaching. I particularly enjoyed Laughery’s knowledge of Old Testament prophecy and other Old Testament references that he brought to the reader’s attention. These references were connected to the various aspects of John’s vision and obviously influenced John a great deal as he wrote.

I appreciated Laughery lack of dogma. Much of the teaching in Revelation is presented in symbolic imagery which is not easy to understand and therefore I think it is important we are not rigid in our beliefs about Christ’s second coming. Laughery presented various points of view concerning “end time” events as well as his own without being critical of those who differ.

Being a complex subject I found it helpful that Laughery included many “general reviews” along the way. These provided some respite from the heaviness of the topic and a refresher of the material already covered.

I plan to study Revelation at the Bible Study Place next year and plan to use this book as a resource.