I didn’t realise Lies Men Believe, is a companion book to, Lies Women Believe. If I had, I would have read the book about women! Nevertheless, I expect there’s a lot of overlap in many areas, except for the chapter on sex, which I found interesting from a male perspective.

Robert Wolgemuth has chosen forty lies which he believes to be the most common amongst men. As he was gathering material to write the book, he sent his list to other experienced male pastors and counsellors for their opinions and believes the final composition is an accurate reflection of the areas where men struggle to believe the truth.

The questions have been divided into topics which have become the chapters. The topics are: Lies men believe about God, themselves, sin, sexuality, marriage and family, work and wealth, circumstances and the world. Robert has written some introductory comments and then explains the specific lie and the corresponding truth. The book concludes with a summary.

Probably the most insightful comment for me, as a female, is the tendency for men to answer questions about uncertainty with, “we’ll work it out.” Men often express confidence in their ability to solve a problem, even when they haven’t a clue. This is quite frustrating for a woman. Sometimes it sounds like faith, but often it’s a man’s pride that’s talking.

Overall an insightful read.