Learn to study the Bible by Andy Deane (Xulon, 2009) is a great resource for people who want to do some serious Bible study. Andy’s explains that the difference between reading the Bible and studying the Bible comes down to one thing: writing. As we write down our insights, our questions, our responses, we are connecting more deeply with God’s Word. Of course, not everyone wants to put in the time and commitment to do this and those people who do not, would be overwhelmed by a book like this.

The sub-title of this book is: Forty different step by step methods to help you discover, apply and enjoy God’s Word. By describing 40 different ways of studying the Bible it is immediately obvious there are many ways of studying the Bible. By flicking through the various methods that are outlined we can find one that suits us.

Furthermore we don’t have to stick with one method forever. Using a different study method can breathe fresh life into our Bible study times even if we only use it for a short time.

I found the handwritten examples after the explanation of the Bible study method particularly helpful. It was like looking over someone’s shoulder while they were having their own private Bible study time, which is not something you are normally privileged to do.

Here is the web site if you would like more information: Learn to study the Bible

As a book reviewer, I did receive this book for free. However as a personal blogger, I was under no obligation to write a positive review.

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