Rob Bell & Don Golden bring a fresh perspective and many insights to Biblical passages in their book, Jesus wants to save Christians (Zondervan, 2008). While I may not agree with everything in their book, I enjoy the way Bell & Golden make me think outside the norm. It is good to have my thought patterns disturbed from time to time, and look at Bible stories from another angle. An example of this occurs in the first chapter when they are discussing empires. Generally we identify with the Israelites slaving under Egyptian oppression. However Bell & Golden describe the West which shows we are more like the Egyptians protecting our own comforts and building our own empires, then we are like the Israelites. Not that we don’t have difficulties but generally we are more interested in defending our own interests than hearing the cries of distressed people.

The book has political and social implications but rather than leave us overwhelmed with the big picture of what needs to change. The authors bring it down to a personal level where I can be like Jesus in my own arena of influence.

Overall a thought provoking book that is worth a read.