Jada Sly dreams of being a spy. She is sure her mother was a spy, but she died in a plane accident six months ago. Jada and her mother enjoyed playing spy games. For the last five years, the family lived in France but now they are returning to New York so Jada’s Dad can be the new director of the family’s museum. Jada travels to New York with Cecile, her father’s museum colleague as her father left a few weeks earlier.

Jada likes to sketch and is a keen observer of people and their faces. An excellent skill if you want to be a spy. Immediately on their arrival in New York, Jada’s sketch pad is stolen by a hooded assailant.

Jada is convinced her mother is still alive and hopes to find clues to her disappearance in New York from those she once worked with, but her father is concerned that she isn’t dealing with the grief of losing her mother. Jada is a likeable ten-year-old with a vivid imagination. She often has trouble knowing when things are real and when her imagination has taken over.

Sherri Winston has created a great character in Jada and one children will relate to. Jada learns valuable lessons about friendship. She is prepared to act on her instincts and take risks. Winston writes a good, fast-paced adventure but some scenes lacked details and were hard to imagine, particularly when the drama came to a climax.

Overall it was an enjoyable read. However, some aspects of the story may be troubling to a 10-year-old as Jada is expected to keep secrets that are beyond her maturity level.

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