I found David Pawson’s book, Israel in the New Testament, not only an interesting insight into the role of Israel in the New Testament but also enlightening in many other ways.

Pawson explores five books of the Bible – Matthew, Acts, Romans, Hebrews and Revelation to discover what God purposes are for Israel today and in the future. In the process he throws light on the main purpose and message of each of these books. I found the chapter of Romans particularly thought provoking as Pawson gives an overview of the entire book, dividing it into logical sections. Likewise the chapter on Revelation was valuable in showing not only Israel’s role in the last days but also for developing a logical progression of what can be confusing material.

With each of the five Biblical books Pawson was able to explain their context and audience which helped me better understand their message and their application for today. As well as fulfil his purpose of showing that God hasn’t finished with Israel or its people.

This material was originally produced as a series of talks and therefore the book sometimes reflects a spoken style rather than a written style. This didn’t distract from the book but rather made it down to earth and easy to read.

A very useful read.