Inside my heart : choosing to live with passion and purpose by Robin McGraw (Nelson Books, 2006)

Robin McGraw is the wife of Dr Phil, the well known television personality. The book is largely autobiographic though not a chronological account of her life. Robin uses her life experiences to explain her outlook on life. I found her approach to life to be quite confrontational. She seems very sure of herself and her opinions and is more than happy to tell you exactly what’s on her mind. This can be a good quality as she encourages woman to be more assertive and challenges them to make choices that will help them to grow into the person they were meant to be. Yet it can also be a bit overpowering and intimidating. Robin doesn’t allow for different personalities and her way of handling struggles and difficulties would not necessarily work well for all women. Her faith in God seems genuinely yet she rarely mentions asking God for wisdom or guidance in her decision making.

Still her book makes for interesting reading. I enjoyed reading her life stories and the different twists and turns that her life has taken.