John Hagee is very passionate in his support for Israel and her people. He has spent much time researching his book, In defense of Israel (FrontLine, 2007) and for the most part I found it to be instructive. However in the second half of the book I felt his passion as a preacher took over and he repeated many of the arguments he had already made. Nevertheless I found the book a fascinating insight into Jewish people and Jewish history. Not that I agreed with everything he said but it did give me much food for thought and increased my understanding of the whole Middle East situation.

Hagee has spent much time and effort supporting and honouring Jewish people, especially through the establishment of, Christian United for Israel and by organizing the, “Night(s) to Honor Israel”. He writes with much zeal and conviction for these projects. Hagee spends a very long chapter explaining his understanding of Romans 9-11 where Paul shares his feelings about Israel’s history and future. Hagee disputes the belief that Christians have replaced the Jews in God’s purposes. This teaching is apparently widespread in the US, though not here, in Australia.

One of the most interesting conversation Hagee relates is between himself and a Jewish rabbi. Both believe they will see the Messiah walk the streets of Jerusalem, however as Hagee said, at that point one of them is going to have to make a major adjustment to their theology!