Humility begins with a brief biography of Andrew Murray including photos. He was born in South Africa in 1828 where his Scottish parents were missionaries. He became a great preacher, evangelist and writer. He was influential in the revival that occurred in South Africa in the last half of the 1800s. He died in 1917.

Andrew Murray writes in the style of his times, which is a little difficult for the modern reader, but his message about the importance of humility is very clear. From Scripture, he points out the importance of humility in Jesus’ life, teaching and in the ministry of his disciples. He explains that humility is the way to holiness and a closer walk with God.

Murray points out that humility isn’t about focussing on our sin and unworthiness but rather on God and his mercy. This is important as we can easily become self-focused and bemoan our shortcomings without availing ourselves of God’s provision of grace.

While I found much of the teaching helpful, there were times when I found it difficult to envisage the practical application of what he was saying as there are few illustrations and no personal examples. (This may be a reflection on the era in which it was written.) I’ve come away with a clear sense of the importance of humility but a bit unclear as to what that will look like in my life.

Overall some good insights.

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