How to Walk into Church is one of the Brief Books series by publisher Matthias Media. It has seven short chapters and is 64 pages in length.

The author Tony Payne writes about his experiences of walking into church which he has done regularly for many years. He writes to encourage churchgoers to be more intentional about their involvement in church. He discusses God’s perspective of church, his purpose in gathering his people together and what we gain from going to church.

His view is that we don’t go to church for what we get out of the experience, rather we go for what we can give, particularly in terms of encouraging, edifying, loving, and spurring on our fellow believers (Hebrews10:24-25). This is a complete change of perspective. It no longer matters whether we like the songs, the musicians or the worship leader. We are there to express our faith, hope and love in God, so we engage and participate, even if it is a sacrifice.

How to walk into church is a challenging book as it looks at our expectations in regard to church attendance.

Overall, it’s a practical and easy to read book.

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