Pete Greig does an excellent job of looking at all the different ways God speaks, in his book, How to Hear God. Beginning at the more conservative end of the theological spectrum, he looks at hearing God through his Word and ancient practises like Lectio Divina. He moves on to hearing God through prophecy, dreams and the unconscious. Finally, he looks at hearing God through community, creation and culture.

Greig shares many testimonies from a wide variety of people of different instances where they have heard from God. Each chapter finishes with a biographic account of a well-known Christian and their experience of hearing from God. There are also listening exercises, questions for personal reflection as well as ‘pause and pray’ moments throughout the book. It’s a comprehensive look at the subject.

There are many valuable takeaways. God speaks in many different ways so it’s good to be expectant. We may hear from him in ways that we are unfamiliar with. To be receptive, we take the time to listen, which may require us to include times of silence and solitude into our schedule. Since there is no right way of hearing from God, we cultivate an attitude of openness and anticipation.

Overall a helpful read.

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