In part one of: How to hear from God (Faith Words, 2003), Joyce Meyer writes about learning to listen. God speaks to us in many different ways, through His word, through conviction, through circumstances, through inner peace as well as occasionally through supernatural occurrences. However in order to hear from God we need to expect that God will speak to us. It is up to us to create the opportunity to hear from God by reading the Bible, and spending time in prayer. Often God speaks in a still, small voice into our spirits and unless we take time out from our busy, noisy lives we won’t hear from him. Sometimes it happens that we don’t hear from God while spending time reading and praying yet later that day God drops a phrase or a thought into our minds, seemingly from nowhere. Yet it is because we had spent the time earlier in the day that God is able to do this.

In the second part of the book, Joyce writes about learning to obey. If we are not going to obey God then there is not much point God speaking to us. There are sometimes issues in our lives which hinder our willingness to obey God and Joyce looks at some of these.

While Joyce doesn’t really say anythng that hasn’t been said before, this book was a good reminder to me to be alert for God’s voice and to seek his ways. I enjoy Joyce’s style. It is straightforward, practical, and easy to understand.

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