Like Joyce’s others books, How to age without getting old is practical, easy to read and full of common sense. While there’s not a lot of new or previously unknown information in the book, Joyce is innately encouraging as she shares her own experiences of aging. I enjoyed reading her perspective.

A lot of the material in the book centres around having the right attitude towards the physical, mental and emotional challenges that come our way as we get older. Often, we imagine, of all the people on the face of the earth, we’re somehow going to avoid these challenges but we won’t. It doesn’t matter how spiritually mature we become or how much faith we have, we still have to accept our own physical decline. Joyce encourages us to be kind to ourselves as we accept the physical limitations of aging and learn how to still enjoy life even when we aren’t able to do the things we once loved.

There are many things we can do that help but won’t eliminate the aging process such as healthy eating, drinking water, getting good sleep, exercise, connecting with family and friends and resting when we need to. Joyce shares about these from her own experiences.

Overall a helpful and encouraging read.

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