Bill Hybels writes Holy Discontent(Zondervan, 2007) in his usual keen and eager way. While he makes a very good point that our God given callings often arise out of our frustrations with the status quo, I’m not convinced it is quite as simple as Bill would like to make it. It often takes years to figure out exact what our niche is in the Christian life. Years that are not wasted but used by God to build skills and abilities so we can accomplish the task God has for us. Sometimes it is not until we are retired or our children have left home that we realize what God has been building into our lives and therefore what we have to give. While Bill does touch on this point his enthusiasm to motivate people into their area of ministry at times strikes me as a bit premature. However he also makes a good point that exposing ourselves to a wide variety of opportunities can hasten the process of finding the particular ministry God wants us to be involved in. Overall though I did enjoy the book and Bill tells some good stories to illustrate his points.